Handling in non-OEM workshops

Modern EV's contain highly sophisticated parts which are not serviceable in regular workshops. This relates mainly to the high voltage battery, power inverter and the charging system.

Other parts may be serviced and replaced in any workshop.

What can be done in ordinary workshops?

• Replacing wheels and tires
• Servicing, venting and repairing brakes
• General fault finding with OBD socket diagnose tester
• Air conditioning unit cleaning and refilling
• Minor body repair including fenders and bumpers
• Suspension parts renewal
• Wheel alignment
• ABS system check and sensor replacement

What should be left for the OEM garage?

• Any problem related to the high voltage battery
• Servicing the charging system and DC/DC converter
• High power inverter for traction motor
• The regenerative braking system
• Physical damage near battery or other high voltage components
• Damage to high voltage cables
• Any signs of fire damage or overheating