The benefits of electro mobility

SunWhy are electric cars such a good idea?

The answer is pretty simple: Electric cars can run on solar energy.

Solar energy is the cleanest energy source there is. It is abundant even in Nordic regions and it is also one of the cheapest ways to produce useful energy.

In fact the Earth does not have any natural energy sources except the Sun. All energy found on our planet is just stored energy from the Sun. Wood comes from the Sun, wind and waves are created by energy from the Sun and even oil, coal and natural gas are just ancient storages of solar energy. So, actually solar energy is the ONLY natural energy source there has ever been.

While oil, coal and gas are time limited resources solar energy is guaranteed to last for at least a few billion years.

What about biofuels?

Biofuels are useful as energy storage but they also require much more land for every unit of energy produced. If all the worlds' cars were to use biofuels grown on existing farm land, there would be little or no area left for food production.

So it makes a lot of sense to use solar energy directly whenever possible. The electric car can do just that because it stores energy in a rechargeable battery, not in a fuel tank.


Figure 1: Solar energy requires much less land than other renewable energy sources.


Watch the movie below to learn about solar energy and electric cars.


Electric cars connected to the public power grid in Europe will use a mixture of energy sources. Solar energy currently accounts for 2 % of the energy in the public grid.


Electric vehicles offer several other benefits:


  • - Extremely low noise - electric cars are silent because electric motors make practically no noise
  • - Easy operation - electric cars have no gear stick, no clutch and requires no warm up phase
  • - Great cabin comfort - electric motors produce no vibrations and the electric cabin heater delivers heat immediately
  • - Swift acceleration - electric motors, unlike combustion engines, are particularly strong at startup and at low RPM
  • - Easy maintenance - no dipstick, no oil refills, no cold start problems, no generator, no fuel pump, no exhaust system, no fan belt, no timing belt or chain
  • - Low production cost - no piston engine, no catalyst, no fuel system
  • - No harmful exhaust gasses - no carbon monoxide, no hydro carbons, no nitrous oxides, no particles
  • - No waste oil - electric motors require no lubrication
  • - Reduced climate impact - utilizes solar energy and other resources like wind
  • - Ability to stabilize the grid - electric cars, while connected to the grid, can help even out fluctuations in the power system
  • - Ability to store energy for other needs - electric cars can store energy at night and release energy during the day or vice versa if required
  • - No dependency on oil or gas - electricity can be produced directly from sun or wind
  • - No food-versus fuel conflicts - no need for large areas to grow fuel crops thus no conflict on existing farm land
  • - Security of supply - a wide selection of renewable energy sources besides the solar


Watch this video to learn about the other benefits of electric cars: