What happens in the event of a crash?

Crashing a car is never a good thing, but with modern EV's the safety is on par with other modern vehicles. This means that the vehicles have been crash tested and they have all the modern safety features such as airbags and belt tensioners.


Following a crash there is a moderate risk of fire because electrolyte can burn. Electrolyte is a liquid contained in the battery cells. Watch out for leaking batteries - they may start a fire. If batteries are leaking electrolyte after a crash a fire may ignite even days or weeks later. This is why you should never store a badly damaged EV inside a building. Let the proper authorities handle the wreck.

If you choose to own an EV or drive one on a regular basis it is a good idea to read the rescue card and keep it stored in the vehicle. The rescue cards show the details of the vehicle so rescue teams can quickly decide how to cut the vehicle if necessary. The rescue cards can be found on this website.


Emergency response guidelines can be found here:


- Ford

- Nissan

- Renault